Brett Turcotte Slednecks 16

I remember the day clearly, at Hay Days in Minnesota for the annual kick off of sled season.  Warm and sunny, a great day to be casually walking around a hay field with the rest of the snowmobile industry busy prepping for the weekend crowds.  That was when I had the pleasure of bumping into, and catching up with Slednecks OG Dan Adams.  During our chat he kept repeating, “Superman Seat Grabs off a cliff drop! That defies physics!”

Slednecks 16 had just dropped a few weeks earlier.  And getting feedback from the crew was always interesting.  The Slednecks team is definitely not a group that is shy of speaking their minds, good, bad, or even the ugly!  But this was something I kept hearing, over and over, from many of the guys.  What he/they were referring to was Brett Turcotte’s mind-boggling segment, including his physics defying Superman Seat Grab off a cliff drop!

Watch for yourself, run it back a few times (2:35) and then try to make sense of it.  I’m still scratching my head!

Athlete: Brett Turcotte

Filmed In: Revelstoke and Whistler, BC

Filmed By: Donovan Skelton

Running Time: 05:22

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