Slednecks 2 Intro – Part Two

Slednecks 2 is the film that forever changed the way snowmobiles were ridden. Progression has always been our mission at Slednecks, not only in the way snowmobiles are ridden, but also in the look snowmobilers have while riding. While editing this film we spent the summer of 1999 in Malibu riding dirt bikes with our friends from Crusty Demons and hanging out with the Leduc’s in Glamis and Mexico. Motorsports have always been our passion at Slednecks, well actually more of an obsession or addiction. So turn back the clocks to 1999 and enjoy the second half of the intro from Slednecks 2!

Athletes:Barry Blaha, Ashley Reilly, Cody Hansen, Chad Ridgeway, Chris Vincent, and Jay Quinlan

Filmed In: Montana, Wyoming, Malibu, Glamis, and Mexico

Filmed By: Jason Moriarty

Running Time: 03:17

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