Slednecks 2 Intro – Part One

Slednecks 2 is really where the world took notice of Slednecks and when the sport began a revolution. It was the winter of 1999/2000 and snowmobiling was light years away from where we are today. This film was made before the GoPro was invented, and before everyone had a smartphone in their pocket. We actually had to shoot film! We carried 60 pound backpacks with old school film cameras from the 80’s around the mountains and had to set up every shot perfectly as to not waste any precious film. Try changing a roll of film inside a metal camera in the middle of a snow storm in the Teton pass! That was real film making.

Athletes: Cameron Elliott, Dan Adams, Shad Free, Blair Morgan and Todd Swim

Filmed In: Montana and Wyoming

Filmed By: Jason Moriarty

Running Time: 03:17

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