Steve Martin Checks In

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Hey Slednecks!

I hope everyone is having a great winter so far. The Jackson Hole Snocross has come and gone, and even during a year when snow conditions are less than ideal, the event was still a success. I raced Over 30 Pro on a sled I borrowed from Jay Mentaberry. He was racing the same sled in Pro Lite, which allowed him to run the light weight exhaust can. We got really good at changing the exhaust cans back and forth! I had a great time, and ended up finishing 4th in the final. I was pretty rusty, more than I thought I would be!

We’ve had a few small storms so far, and hopefully that will change in the near future, but not a lot of snow on the ground. Even though, I’ve thankfully had the opportunity to ride in good snow conditions on a few occasions.

Once the snow starts piling up, I will be riding nearly every day, which translates into more photos and videos.

Until next time!

Steve Martin


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