Randy Sherman and Tailgate Alaska Fun

Slednecks catches up with one of the OG’s in AK, Randy Sherman.

Sldnx: Randy, we’ve been following you on Facebook and it finally looks as if Alaska is getting some good snow.  Where was this photo taken?

Randy: Lost Lake in Seward, Alaska

Randy Sherman Lost Lake, AK

Randy Sherman, Lost Lake, AK. Photo by Soren Sieberts, Mac Jacket and Pant

Sldnx: What were you doing?

Randy: Tree riding in the lower zones, there was some avy danger up higher so we stayed low and had fun in the trees. I don’t get to ride trees that often in AK so it was fun on my Axys 163.

Sldnx: Who were you riding with?

Randy: I rode with Soren Sieberts this day, he is an upcoming photographer in Alaska. We have been talking a bit about trying to ride together this season, weather and snow was lining up so we got out and he took some great photos. Looking forward to more good days on the snow.

Sldnx: You were recently featured in Red Bull’s snowboarding webisode series featuring John Jackson titled, “The Book of John J“. How did the whole Red Bull shoot with John J come about?

Randy: Basically just a couple of like-minded individuals connecting in the snowbanks of Thompson Pass. We had some down days in the pass hanging out in motorhomes and around campfires, so through Justin Befu and Mark Sullivan of Tailgate Alaska, John J’s crew was introduced to ours.

They were filming the BOJJ and I was filming with Adam Brummond from The Factory.  We decided to unite in the backcountry for a day once we got a window. That’s basically where the episode Patience came from which is a very suiting name. It was a great day with an all-star cast.  We are hoping to get out again this season. Thanks to Justin Befu, John J, Tim Manning, Bryan Iguchi, Lane Powers, Jeff Davis, Adam Brummond, Todd Williams, Alaska Snowboard Guides, Tailgate AK and Backcountry United for making it happen.

Watch the Patience episode of Red Bull’s The Book of John J…

Sldnx: What are your goals for this year?

Randy:  Same as always, have fun in the backcountry with my buddies and represent the brands that have supported me through the years. I’m thankful for companies like Slednecks, Polaris Snowmobiles, HMK, Dragon Optics, The Factory, Backcountry United and Todd William Photography for their continued support.

Sldnx: Thanks for the time Randy!


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