Dave England’s Interesting Life

Diamond miner, freestyle moto shred, newbie pilot, and snowmobile ripper, Dave England is certainly not afraid to try new things and usually goes about them much like he rides his sled, 100%.  So as spring rolls around, and the crew switches from long tracks to short tracks, Slednecks was able to get with the very busy man for a quick check in between film shoots.  Here’s what he had to say…

Dave: Sup guys,

It’s been great to be riding another season for Slednecks. Last summer was one for the books, I picked up a new float plane and spent a lot time learning.  It was a great summer of flying, wake boarding and dirt biking.

The new Float Plane

I shifted gears and put the boat and plane away for the winter and pulled the sled out of storage. The year started out a little rough for me but it’s been turning around.  I broke my foot dirt biking in the fall. After I recovered from that I got a bad concussion from a gnarly crash hitting ramps, I missed grabbing the seat on a holy grab and ended up landing pretty much head first.  Luckily, I was wearing my neck brace.

On the bright side I landed a spot on the Bailey Motorsports Race Team and a few other new sponsors for 2017. Bailey Motorsports hooked me up with a sick 2016 factory mod which ECD Customs made a killer wrap for. I’ve been using that as my freestyle and back country sled. Next year I’ll have to splurge on a mountain sled, I’m getting tired of shoveling myself out from all the powder BC’s been getting.

The New Baily Motorsports RideI recently got back from a Sledding trip in BC. It was a constant battle with the weather but we were fortunate to get a few days of good sun and were able get out of the trees and into the alpine. I literally live for this stuff, even a bad day spent on the mountain is better than any good day at work, ha-ha.

It’s pretty crazy Slednecks has been around for 20 years. , I’ve been a fan of Slednecks since I was a kid and never imagined I would be in Slednecks 20. The past two years riding for them has opened a lot of doors for me and I’m very grateful. I’m excited to see what spring has in store for me, hopefully blue bird days and no injuries.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

Dave England

Thanks Dave.  For those of you who haven’t seen Dave’s work from last year, check out his partial segment below from his massive 8 minutes plus of footage that made it into Slednecks 19. You can also see more Slednecks videos here.

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