Wyoming Riding Spots at Risk of Closing

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Shad Free has reached out to Slednecks with a problem within his local area in Wyoming, and here’s what is going on.

PROBLEM: Since the 1980’s the Palisades and Shoal Creek areas in Wyoming have been Wilderness Study Areas, which have allowed for multi-use designation of the land. Now it is under discussion to turn these areas into Wilderness Designation.

This image was shot from snowshoes at the Snake River Overlook in Grand Teton National Park, just after record snowfall of 30 inches over the Chrismas holiday.

WHAT DOES WILDERNESS DESIGNATION MEAN?: Designating this area for Wilderness would PROHIBIT cars, trucks, off-road or all-terrain vehicles, bicycles, aircraft, and motorboats. Per federal law, DIRT BIKING, mountain biking, SNOWMOBILING, heli skiing, ATVs and UTVs, in addition to harvesting Christmas trees and collecting firewood, would no longer be permissible uses of public land in the Designated Wilderness areas. Even hunting, fishing and camping that involves packing in with a “motorized or mechanical” means of transportation would be banned.

HOW CAN YOU HELP: Show your support and check out the following link to sign the petition, donate, or volunteer if you live in the area. It takes less than a minute! www.amupl.org

Shad Free Cropped Photo


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